Führer Steen (quezon) wrote,
Führer Steen

A Stroke of Bad Luck

Maybe the title is an understatement.

I have been having computer issues all weekend. Had to use system recovery, lost a lot of files... I won't even go there.

I went to bed a few hours ago, and woke up because of the cat, then realized my computer wasn't on. I thought maybe it fell asleep or something, so I pressed on my keyboard. Nothing happened. Tried again. Still nothing.

I couldn't even turn off my computer. So I shut it down from the back, and nothing came up during the reboot. Shut if off, then turned it on again. Still nothing. Third time's a charm, I guess, since it felt like working once I disconnected/reconnected some wires.

I decided to start backing up everything to a CD, just in case my computer decides to die. I remember Cyde's "Computer Life" speech, and how mine is on the verge of death (or that it should be dead already, I don't know). I got it in 2003- it's only 3 years old. Anyway, my CD Drive doesn't work anymore. It can't read CDs for some reason, so that's that... I now have to rely on a flash drive, which is kind of hard of me to do, since I have over 5 MB of files to back up. I know my father won't let me store his files on his laptop, so I have to buy like... 5 of those flash drives at 50 bucks each :(

I'm afraid to let my computer restart now. It was fine today... maybe it just spazzed?
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awww damn computer *hugs you*
:( I hate computers *cuddle*
It was posessed by the powers of MORDOR!!!
HI 2 U.


luv keef.