Führer Steen (quezon) wrote,
Führer Steen


Man, IRC is so great. I'm Quetzal, to those of you who don't know:

[19:25] NyahNekoGlory: I go by the chinese zodiak I am a cock
[19:25] Quetzal: Haha
[19:25] Amy: i'm an aries tigerxD
[19:25] BlakeStealsIdentities: I'm like super hyper right now.
[19:25] Quetzal: COCK
[19:25] BlakeStealsIdentities: I'm never hyper.
[19:25] NyahNekoGlory: I told them to check again
[19:25] MoonFighter666: Hey Steen
[19:25] Quetzal: Hey what
[19:25] Jacket: I'm a tiger crb, actually. Year of Tiger, and a Cancer.
[19:25] MoonFighter666: You're a cock.
[19:25] Cyn: Justin whats your Chinese?
[19:25] Cyn: o.o
[19:25] Jacket: I peench. :D
[19:25] NyahNekoGlory: My sister is a tiger
[19:25] Quetzal: ROFL
[19:25] NyahNekoGlory: My father is a dragon
[19:25] Cyn: Cancerous Tiger
[19:25] NyahNekoGlory: no ... sorry
[19:25] Quetzal: *holds up rooster* "Suck my cock" XD

So, in conclusion:

Oh well. It was funny at the time. XD Now it's like... not. :( I'm so immature and retarded.
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