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Posted: November 12th / Time: 4:09
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Maybe the title is an understatement.

I have been having computer issues all weekend. Had to use system recovery, lost a lot of files... I won't even go there.

I went to bed a few hours ago, and woke up because of the cat, then realized my computer wasn't on. I thought maybe it fell asleep or something, so I pressed on my keyboard. Nothing happened. Tried again. Still nothing.

I couldn't even turn off my computer. So I shut it down from the back, and nothing came up during the reboot. Shut if off, then turned it on again. Still nothing. Third time's a charm, I guess, since it felt like working once I disconnected/reconnected some wires.

I decided to start backing up everything to a CD, just in case my computer decides to die. I remember Cyde's "Computer Life" speech, and how mine is on the verge of death (or that it should be dead already, I don't know). I got it in 2003- it's only 3 years old. Anyway, my CD Drive doesn't work anymore. It can't read CDs for some reason, so that's that... I now have to rely on a flash drive, which is kind of hard of me to do, since I have over 5 MB of files to back up. I know my father won't let me store his files on his laptop, so I have to buy like... 5 of those flash drives at 50 bucks each :(

I'm afraid to let my computer restart now. It was fine today... maybe it just spazzed?

Posted: October 26th / Time: 16:26
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I need to start updating this thing.

Posted: August 27th / Time: 14:59
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I saw Chicken Little for the first time today. Right after two hours of Finding Nemo.

Chicken Little is probably the weirdest movie ever. The plot was all over the place for me and I think they tried too hard to be funny that it was just... overdone, I think.

I don't like Nemo much, and I have no idea why. The animation and characters are amazing, but I just never liked it. And... that little girl... Darla, I swear to God, she'll give any kid nightmares.

I wish I knew where my Toy Story DVD was... (the first one, don't care for the sequel)

Posted: August 16th / Time: 16:29
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Purchase Subtotal: $649.35

Textbooks are highway robbery. These books are so HUGE, I don't know how I can lug them around all day D:

I miss college already. I miss being in a classroom. I want Fall term to start now. I can't wait, I'm finally doing my majors classes. :D

Posted: August 14th / Time: 20:01
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